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Zadar - Croatia

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Croatia - Zadar

We invite you to the magic of the ancient Zadar, the big town in the very heart of the Adriatic, which is often called a "small Croatian Rome". Three thousand years of history, unique sacral buildings and a rich cultural heritage are responsible for this title. All this is completed with natural characteristics of the Zadar region which boasts the 1 200 kilometers long picturesque and clean sea shore and the conglomerate of about 300 islands and islets. You will be met in Zadar by hospitable people with whom you can drink a small glass of the authentic Zadar liqueur Maraskino or chat about basketball which has made Zadar famous all over the world!

Bibinje (Zadar)

Bibinje is a small, gentle place situated in the immediate vicinity of Zadar and an ideal destination for all those who look for quiet holidays. It is a small town of 3500 inhabitants which has been inhabited since ancient times. The vicinity of the marina Zlatna Luka in Sukosan makes Bibinje a suitable place for boaters.

Diklo (Zadar)

The Diklo tourist complex lies north-west of the 3000 year-old city of Zadar, close to the old part of the city, beside the Puntamika tourist complex. It is an elite summer resort, known for its villas and private houses, suitable for a first class holiday. The pebble beaches are well taken care of. Due to the many sporting facilities in the place itself and its surroundings, Diklo is great for sports lovers. Many events take place in Zadar. We recommend Diklo not only to families with children because of the many beautiful and easily accessible beaches, but also to young people and those looking for an active holiday due to the vicinity of Zadar and diverse sporting facilities.

Kozino (Zadar)

Kozino is a place with numerous modern villas and apartments, situated just 10 km to the north of Zadar. It numbers about 500 inhabitants, and it is an ideal destination for tourists looking for quiet in a little place of a gentle and friendly atmosphere. Those seeking the charms of natural beauty will find here a clean sea and beaches surrounded with the Mediterranean vegetation in the hospitable company of local population.

Ninske Vodice (Zadar)

Ninske Vodice, a small place consisting of several private houses, lies 2 km from Nin in the direction of Sabunike. We recommend it for a quiet family holiday due to sandy beaches, dense evergreen underbrush, crystal clear sea and peace and quiet. If you are interested in cultural heritage, you can visit the old town of Nin nearby, while the surroundings of Ninske Vodice are great for evening walks and bike riding. Besides the beach in the place itself, there are several shallow sandy beaches far away from traffic, where waters are 2 to 3 degrees warmer than elsewhere. Medicinal mud that can be found in this area in large quantities is used in the rehabilitation center in Nin.

Petrcane (Zadar)

Petrcane is a picturesque place between Zadar and Nin, old Croatian towns. By its geographical position it is suitable for visiting the islands of the Zadar Archipelago and The Kornati National Park. If you wish an active vacation Petrcane offers you various sports and recreation facilities.

Posedarje (Zadar)

Posedarje, a place and small harbor in the so-called Novigrad sea close to Maslenicki bridge and 25 km north-east of Zadar, has been inhabited since the 12th century. It is famous for homegrown food and gastronomic specialties such as "prsut" (smoked ham). Posedarje has several pebble and sandy beaches surrounded by pine trees, great places to get away from the sun during the hot summer days. The water in Posedarje is shallow and warmer than in other places and therefore it is ideal for carefree children's play. Novigrad sea is famous for its fish and shells, especially mussels and oysters, that you can try at local restaurants. If you enjoy diving and exploring, there are three fascinating islets close to Posedarje.

Privlaka (Zadar)

Privlaka is a small place in the vicinity of Zadar, more exactly between Nin and Vir. You can relax and enjoy your vacation in the calm bay where Privlaka is situated. The vicinity of attractive excursion points, The Kornati National Park, and towns makes this location a good choice for those who like a more relaxed summer vacation.

Seline (Zadar)

Seline is a northern Dalmatian place on the shores of the Velebit Channel, 3 km south of Starigrad. This region is particularly interesting because of the mountains in the vicinity of the sea. Velebit Mountain and Paklenica National Park attract spleleologists, alpinists, botanists and hikers, while the long pebble beach surrounded by tamarisks is very popular with sea lovers. Since the inhabitants of Seline have traditionally lived off of agriculture, while in Seline, they will offer you home produced oil, cheese and honey, as well as fish caught in the Velebit Channel. If you are interested in rural life, visit the villages of Bucici, Jukici and Jurline at the foot of the Paklenica Massif and taste dried figs and home produced brandy.

Starigrad - Paklenica (Zadar)

Starigrad is a place and small harbor on the shores of the Velebit Channel, close to Paklenica National Park, 45 km south of Karlobag. The place, first mentioned in ancient times, is nowadays the center of the 20 km long Paklenica Riviera, the place of encounter between the splendid sea and magnificent mountains. Therefore, Starigrad is ideal both for swimmers and mountain climbers. Tennis courts, sports fields and water sports facilities make it ideal for an active holiday, while kilometer long pebble beaches are great for families with children. Speleologists, alpinists, hikers and herb pickers can enjoy the Velebit and Paklenica Massifs and their many trails.

Sukosan (Zadar)

Suksan is situated half-way between Bibinje and Biograd na moru. It is known as a nautical centre, the region of good wines and hospitable people. It is an ideal destination for all those wishing an immediate contact with nature combining it with sports and recreation. The Sukosan marina Zlatna luka and its sandy beaches will provide you the delight of the sun and sea.

Sv. Petar (Zadar)

Sveti Petar is a small tourist place between Biograd and Zadar. If you wish quiet, enjoy yourselves on its beaches, and if you feel a need for the dynamism of a big city or for excursions, you have all this nearby.

Vrsi (Zadar)

Vrsi is a small town located near the historic royal city of Nin. Set deep within the bay, this peaceful spot will impress you with its protected location and temperatures that are a few degrees warmer than that of nearby towns. The scent of firtrees contributes to this exceptional atmosphere, which will offer you the necessary shade during the hot summer months.

Zaton (Zadar)

Zaton is situated in a wide bay between Nin and Zadar. If you take part in sports, Zaton has something to offer you! Your schedule will be filled from morning till night with sport and recreational activities. However, if you are in want of entertainment, the proximity of the city of Zadar and its variety of offers is sure to satisfy your needs


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