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Pula - Croatia

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Croatia - Pula - 1185 Photos of Croatia

Croatia - Pula

Welcome to the oldest town on the east side of the Adriatic - the only and unique Pula, inhabited by the ancestors of the Croats 3 000 years ago. The famous Pula Arena from the 3rd century of our era is the symbol of a town of monumental heritage, admired by Roman rulers, Renaissance poets and Venetian noblemen.

They left to Pula a rich heritage of their works of hands and mind, while nature gave it a mild Mediterranean climate and the sea proclaimed to be the cleanest one in the Mediterranean. Pula does not need to write an invitation card - its attractiveness speaks for itself.

Banjole (Pula)

Welcome to Banjole, a seaside resort near ancient Pula. The beautiful sea, beaches and various sporting facilities will make your summr holiday enjoyable and entertaining, while in the evenings you can choose between the diversity of the Pula summer or the tranquility of the bay. One thing that is certain is that you will spend an unforgettable summer in Banjole.

Barban (Pula)

Barban is a picturesque, fortified settlement placed in the interior of the southern part of eastern Istria, in the vicinity of the city of Pula. It was built on the foundations of a Medieval fortified settlement from 740 AD and has numerous well kept Baroque and Gothic edifices with 15th century frescoes, towers and bell towers, which makes it a favorite destination for those interested in cultural heritage. You can find accommodation in some 250 private rooms and apartments in Barban. Istria's fertile interior and mild Mediterranean climate are suitable for fruit and vegetable growing. Apart from its cultural heritage, Barban is also known for the knight game "Trka na prstenac", riding sports and hunting tourism since the surroundings, including the woods and valley of the Rasa River, are abundant in birds and game.

Fazana (Pula)

Fazana is a tourist destination and small harbor close to ancient Pula. It is protected from unfavorable winds by the Brijuni archipelago. Families with small children and all those who like to rest in a small Mediterranean place with beautiful beaches and surrounded by orchards and vineyards frequently visit Fazana. Fazana is the starting point to people visiting the Brijuni National Park. You can leave your vehicle in Fazana and take a boat tour of the 13 smaller and 2 larger islands.

Krnica (Pula)

Krnica lies in Istria's interior, about 25 km southeast of Pula, on the regional road towards Pula. The well-known holiday resort and tourist complex with first class tourist offer - Duga Uvala, is only 3 km from Krnica, making it a suitable holiday destination for those looking primarily for tranquility and beautiful landscapes and do not consider going to the beach by automobile a drawback.

Liznjan (Pula)

Welcome to Liznjan, a small fishing settlement 2 km from Medulin. Although traditionally oriented towards agriculture and fishing, Liznjan is also known for its 28 km coastline dotted with many rocky beaches, while the place itself has a wonderful swimming beach. If you are looking for a quiet place, away from crowded tourist centers, but not too far away from entertainment, Liznjan is the right place for you due to its crystal-clean waters, rocky beaches, biking trails and several extraordinary konobas (local restaurants) and restaurants.

Marcana (Pula)

Marcana is placed in Istria's interior and is 15 km from Pula. The place is built on the foundations of prehistoric ruins and the remains of an antique cemetery, and is characterized by its rural architecture consisting of stone houses. Go horse-back ridding at the Horse Center in nearby Loborika and spend your evenings in the authentic Istrian konoba (local restaurant). Marcana is ideal for guests looking for tranquility, nature and sporting activities instead of the vicinity of the sea. There is also the possibility of hunting. Medulin (Pula) Welcome to Medulin, a little town to he south of the Istrian peninsula. This town, built on the remnants of a prehistoric dwelling place, will make you enthusiastic about its sandy beach two kilometers long. Come and see why the Old Romans built their villas and summer houses on this location.

Peroj (Pula)

Peroj is a place in Istria's interior, 5 km from the sea and near the picturesque tourist destination Fazana. Peroj is a valuable and interesting archeological site from Roman times. We recommend Peroj to all of those who would like to spend their holiday away from the hustle and bustle of crowded beaches and near towns of rich historical heritage. Should you decide to spend your holiday in Peroj, visit the Brijuni National Park, Pula and its centuries-old Amphitheater.

Pjescana uvala (Pula)

Pjescana uvala is placed in the proximity of the three-thousand-year-old ancient city of Pula. Pjescana uvala is a modern tourist destination with pebble beaches, ideal for a family holiday. In the Veruda marina nearby everything necessary for enjoyable and pleasant navigation can be found. This destination is a great place for families with children and guests looking for a good time due to the vicinity of Pula with its many various activities and types of entertainment. Pomer (Pula) Pomer is a tourist destination close to Pula, in the southern part of the Istrian peninsula. In the Pomer marina, you will find everything that you need for your boat. The surrounding of Pomer is known for archeological sites, dating back to the Roman period. The forests around Pomer are a great place for long walks and bike riding, while water sports equipment rental is available on the beach. Therefore, Pomer is an ideal place for an active holiday.

Premantura (Pula)

Premantura, placed at the south of Istria not far from the tourist center Pula, is built on the slightly raised part of the Cape of Kamenjak. The Cape's 30 km coastline is dotted with rock slabs, beaches, bays and small islands ideal for bathing and suntanning. Premantura is frequently visited by windsurfers due to its favorable winds, especially in spring and fall. It has several tennis courts, a mini-golf course and boccia courts and is a great place for an active holiday. We also recommend it to families with children due to the diverse and splendid beaches.

Puntizela (Pula)

Welcome to Puntizela, a tourist destination near Istria's tourist center - Pula. We recommend Puntizela for active holidays due to the vicinity of Pula that has a rich historical heritage and offers various types of entertainment. Tennis courts, sporting facilities and water sport equipment are available in Puntizela. Therefore, it is a great destination not only for a family holiday, but also for young people

Sisan (Pula)

Sisan, placed in the south-western part of Istria, is 6 km from the region's tourist center Pula. We recommend it to families with children and to guests who prefer tranquility rather than the hustle and bustle of big cities. Besides bathing and sun tanning, you can also spend your time bike riding because many Istrian cycling trails pass through or near Sisan.

Stinjan (Pula)

Stinjan is placed close to Pula at the south-western part of Istria in the beautiful Stinjanska bay. This small and quiet tourist destination is 700 m from the main beach surrounded by pine trees, therefore we recommend it for a family holiday. Besides the main beach, you can also swim in the smaller bays nearby.

Valbandon (Pula)

Valbandon is a tourist destination placed on the coast of southern Istria, 6 km northwest of Pula. The vicinity of the Brijuni National Park consisting of 13 smaller and 2 larger islands and the vicinity of fascinating and picturesque Pula, make Valbandon a great destination for a quiet family holiday. Children can play carefree on the long pebble beach, while the pine trees offer shade during the hot summer days. Besides the beautiful landscape, Valbandon is known for its many restaurants.

Valtura (Pula)

Welcome to Valtura, a place in the interior of the Istrian peninsula, 11 km north-east of 3000-year-old Pula. Valtura is known for its rich cultural and historical heritage dating back to Roman times. The most important archeological site Nezakcij, located only 2 km from Valtura, is a favorite destination for archeologists. Unique beauties of Istria's interior, picturesque hills, rich vegetation, and hiking and bike riding trails await you in Valtura that we recommend to outdoor enthusiasts and guests longing for holidays away from the hustle and bustle of tourist centers.

Vinkuran (Pula)

Vinkuran is a place in south-west Istria, near the tourist center Pula. It is located in the Vinkuran bay above Soline. The magnificent beach in Vinkuran is sheltered by pinetrees. Here you will find tranquility, rest, crystal-clear waters and magnificent beaches, while the nearby city of Pula offers various types of entertainment. The Brijuni National Park close-by is an absolute must.


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