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Zagreb - Croatia

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Croatia - Zagreb - 1185 Photos of Croatia

Croatia - Zagreb

Zagreb - the capital of Croatia, is placed in the continental part of Croatia and has one million inhabitants. Thanks to its favorable position at the crossing of many trade routes, Zagreb has become a leading economic center and a favorite destination for business, congress and cultural tourists. Zagreb has over 30 museum and gallery collections containing 3,6 million exhibits in total, more than 20 theaters and several cultural centers. World Festival of Animated Films, Music Biennial, Avant-garde Music Festival, Flower Fair, Dance and Theater Festival, as well as International Folklore Festival take place in Zagreb.


The first written documents about a settlement in Zagreb's present area date back to 1094, when the diocese was founded and the building of the cathedral started. Kaptol and Gradec where built next to the cathedral. In 1242, the city was devastated by Tatars and its inhabitants provided refuge to the Hungarian king Bella IV. Therefore, Gradec was awarded the 'Golden Bull' (Zlatna bula) and was proclaimed a Free City. In the 16th century, Zagreb was the political center and capital city of the Banate of Croatia. Intensive economic, political and cultural development of Zagreb began in the 19th century when the first theater (1834) and the first university (1874) were founded. With the breakup of Yugoslavia, the city of Zagreb became the capital of the newly founded Republic of Croatia and has developed into a central European metropolis.

Gornji grad

If the starting point is the main city square, Trg bana Jelacica, and you go up Radiceva street, you will reach Gornji grad, also known as Gradec, the medieval nucleus surrounded by 13th century fortification walls. Make sure to take a look at Marko Square and Sv. Marko Church as well as Banski dvori (Ban's Halls) - a Baroque palace now functioning as the main building of the Croatian Government. Visit the Croatian Museum of Naive Art, take a walk to Katarina Square, visit the Museum of Modern Art, the city Palace Dverce and Lotrscak tower. The Strossmayer Promenade offers a fantastic view of the city. Also worth visiting are the Croatian Museum of Science, Museum of the City of Zagreb and the Astronomical Observatory.


If the starting point is the main city square, Trg bana Jelacica, and you go up Bakaceva Street, you will reach Kaptol, the oldest part of Zagreb. Here you will find Zagreb's cathedral, while a unique part of Kaptol is Opatovina. The part called Dolac is nowadays Zagreb's main open market. Nearby is Tkalciceva Street, known for numerous cafés.

Donji grad

Below Kaptol and Gradec is Donji grad, famous for the main city square - Trg bana Jelacica, Ilica - the longest street in Zagreb, as well as for numerous squares with 3-storey building dating back to the Secession, fountains and well-kept parks. Visit Zrinjevac, the Music Pavilion, the Archeological Museum, the Strossmayer Gallery, the Modern Gallery, the Graphic Cabinet and the Art Pavilion. We also recommend Tomislav Square and Starcevic Square where you will find the Botanical Garden. Marulic Square nearby and its impressive Croatian National Archive building is considered one of the most beautiful examples of Secession architecture in Zagreb. To the north, there are Roosevelt Square, the Mimara Museum, as well as Marshall Tito Square with its Neo-baroque Croatian National Theater building.


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