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Trogir - Croatia

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Croatia - Trogir

Trogir is called a "little Venice", a town-museum of the medieval heritage. Its history goes back to the Hellenic times when it was known as Tragurion.  UNESCO recognized its values and included it in the registry of the world monument heritage.

Trogir is also a place of various tourist facilities, especially for boaters who can find all services in the excellent ACI Marina Ciovo.


Kastel Stafilic (Trogir)

Kastel Staflic is one of seven Kastels located just northwest of Split, in a fertile coastal region that joins Trogir and Solin. An exceptional Mediterranean atmosphere, the beauty of its green landscape and its always-sunny sand beaches, are a part of this towns charm.

Marina (Trogir)

Marina is a tourist destination and small harbor consisting of family houses in the vicinity of the central Dalmatian city of Trogir. The sandy and pebble beaches are great for children and family holidays, while pine and olive trees provide plenty of shade during the hottest part of the day. There are several restaurants that offer recently caught fish and excellent local wines. The bay is protected from unfavorable winds and is therefore popular with boaters who have 140 berths at their disposal. We recommend water sports, primarily sailing, diving or sports fishing to sports lovers. Should you rent a boat or yacht make sure to explore the secluded bays in the surroundings. Split, Trogir and Primosten offer plenty of entertainment and cultural events.

Seget Donji (Trogir)

If you wish a holiday in a town with tradition, far from dynamic mass tourism, Seget Donji is the place for you! The town of culture and gourmet specialities, gentle and harmonious, within easy reach of the big towns on the middle Dalmatian coast, it offers special events to fishermen and lovers of water sports.

Seget Vranjica (Trogir)

Seget Vranjica is a central Dalmatian tourist destination that lies 5 km north of Trogir. It is situated in the part of the Trogir Riviera known for rich Mediterranean vegetation, charming bays with rocky and pebble beaches, as well as for numerous islands and islets great for daily boat or yacht trips. You can find accommodation in private houses and in the camping site that has tennis courts and water sports equipment rental. The place is ideal for a pleasant holiday. Trogir has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Besides restaurants and konobas (local restaurants) in the place itself, there are many restaurants, cafes and bars in Trogir, Donji Seget and Gornji Seget. Every summer, Trogir Summer Festival and Split Summer Festival take place and attract many tourists.

Vinisce (Trogir)

Vinisce is a place 12 km from Trogir, an old central Dalmatian city that is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. There is a small port in the place and its inhabitants traditionally live off of fishing and agriculture. Several bays in the surroundings of Vinisce (Voluja, Ricevo Vrelo, Stari Trogir and Sicenica) are known for their magnificent sandy and pebble beaches, as well as for their splendid underwater world, ideal for sports fishing and scuba diving. Vinisce is great for a quiet holiday in private rooms, apartments and houses.


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